About Me

Born and bred in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne (please don't hold that against me!) I have been picture taking for as long as I can remember, and working professionally for over 11 years. 

I absolutely love what I do! Getting to meet new people and being able to to capture the love and connection between them, in a creative and fun way is a true privilege.

My style is quite natural and candid, I think this helps not only to keep things relaxed and fun, but also to allow those special moments to happen organically. These always end up being the best photos.

Here is one of very few photos there are of me as I tend to hide on the other side of the camera - I much prefer taking photos than being in them haha! Big thanks to my amazing friend Ursula at fennelandfox for this one!

To see my face in person, catch up for a beer/wine/other, get more info, check availability,  or to just say hello, please get in touch here!

Selena x

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